Provides leadership and direction in R & D activities, develops and strengthen human resources of the research network, initiates the promotion and production of quality researches among the faculty members, engages in publication and dissemination of research outputs, establishes and intensifies linkages, networking, and exchange of research publications, and does consultancy services.



  • To enhance the R & D capability of the faculty members and personnel of the university;
  • To generate quality researches in line with the university and local, regional and national research agenda for the development of the institution and for economic growth and progress of the province and global community;
  • To disseminate research outputs; and
  • To establish linkages and networking among research institutions, government organizations (GOs), non-government organizations (NGOs) and industries;



  • To enhance the research culture among faculty members and personnel through research capability programs;
  • To conduct quality researches for knowledge and technology-based transfer
  • To publish researches in local, regional, national and international circulation through refereed journals, symposia and fora;
  • To strengthen linkages and connection among research- oriented institutions, local/provincial government agencies, non-government organization, and various industry sectors.

Research Thrusts and Priorities

Research and Development Unit Organizational Structure