The Recreational, Social and Cultural Services (RSCS) Office is a unit under the Office of the Student Affairs and Services that offers students opportunities to enhance their talents and abilities in different forms of arts. It also provides them avenues to appreciate, promote and preserve the Filipino culture.

As the arm of the University in upholding Antique’s and the Philippines’ culture, the RSCS Office commits to deliver relevant cultural activities that will develop and enhance students’ talents and abilities and will make Filipinos proud and appreciative of other cultures; to mold culturally and artistically enlightened students who value cultural development; and to empower students and stakeholders in pursuing programs for the appreciation, promotion and preservation of national culture and multi-cultural heritage.

• To provide an avenue for the students’ holistic development through activities that enhance their talents and skills;
• To assist in the development of students’ self-confidence and social and cultural growth;
• To foster creativity and teamwork between and among members of the academic community during school activities; and
• To enrich the university’s cultural and artistic engagements in the local, regional, national and international arenas

Programs, Services & Accomplishment