The College of computer studies as the forefront in Information Technology education, and the application of information and knowledge and business and professional services.

The College of Computer Studies is committed to help uplift the province, the region economically and socially by molding individuals to become I.T. professionals empowered with tools, technologies and information to shape a better life for himself, family, community and country at large.
The College aim to attain the following goals:

    1. To assist in accelerating regional and rural development by producing well  trained and equipped  IT  professionals and IT-literate workforce.
    2. To serve as center for computer  literacy  and software development.
    3. To assist educators in developing computer-aided instructions.
    4. To act as strategic partner for developing both private and public organization to become fully automated and productive.
    5. To become the school of the future which nurtures young Filipinos to become responsible citizens and enlightened leaders of our country


Specifically the college envisions attaining the following:

  1. Provide quality IT education and produce will trained and equipped IT professionals and IT literate workforce.
  2. Train students to become skillful in software development.
  3. Produce graduates who can assist educators in developing computer assisted instructor.
  4. Conduct researches in the fields  of IT education to be equipped with information relating to problems that might   affect the delivery of quality IT education.
  5. Extended various computer services to Antiqueños as well as other sectors in the region both and private.


Programs Offered