Bachelor Science of Tourism Management

This is a four-year program aimed to provide students with adequate knowledge and analytical skills for a career in tourism


The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management focuses its efforts to attain the following objectives:

  1. To educate the foresighted managers and entrepreneurs who can internalize ethical values and have the awareness of social responsibility; who can understand and interpret intercultural differences as well as work in different cultural settings, who can work in both national and international tourism sector; by using modern educational methods and technologies;
  2. To discover fundamental characteristics of individual, group and social relationships and tourist behavior which lay the groundwork of tourism sector and understand cultural differences through hands–on learning experience in educational tours;
  3. To develop a sense of compassion for young people in order to be knowledgeable of the tourist industry, through the provision of skills training in such areas as leadership, public speaking, interpersonal ,social skills, and model behavior;
  4. To demonstrate an understanding of service sector and tourism industry and to identify and apply appropriate strategic and analytical tools to be used in the core tourism business practices; and
  5. To provide on-the job training aligned with their field of and opportunities to members, in order that they can learn the skills and knowledge required by the industry.