Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting

This is a four-year program aimed to provide students with adequate knowledge and analytical skills for effective business planning, implementation & control.


The Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting focuses its efforts to attain the following objectives:

  1. To develop values of integrity and objectivity in the performance of management services.
  2. To develop competence in the preparation of accounting reports and making sound managerial judgments and  decisions
  3. To attend seminars, workshops, trainings and Conferences for updates on accounting policies and current business trends and practices.
  4.  To enhance practical accounting and managerial skills through on-the-job training/practicum in different organizations and actual exposures and interactions with business organizations.
  5. To develop analytical and critical thinking skills of students through the preparation of business plan/feasibility study, company studies and business research
  6. To import technical skills and expertise in financial accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting and financial management through extension services in the community.
  7. To graduate globally competitive management accountants with the highest degree of ethical conduct and social responsibility.