Bachelor of Science in Cooperatives Management

This is a four-year program aimed to provide students with adequate knowledge and analytical skills for planning, implementation and control of cooperatives


The Bachelor of Science in Cooperative Management focuses its efforts to attain the following objectives:

  1. To train and develop students to become competent in organizing and managing cooperatives;
  2. To send students for trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences in order to gain and acquire related knowledge and skills in relation to cooperative organizing and managing;
  3. To enhance the analytical thinking and skills of students through the preparation of cooperative researches, project feasibility studies in conducting seminars-workshops in adopted Barangays and analysis of cooperatives in Asia, and discussion of current trends and issues about cooperatives;
  4. To impart to students technical skills and expertise on cooperative organization and campaigns, cooperative seminar-workshops;
  5. To apply all the theoretical knowledge learned in cooperative management through the on-the-job training in the existing cooperatives in the locality;
  6. To enhance values of honesty and objectivity in the management of cooperatives; and
  7. To produce cooperative management degree holders who are globally competitive and effective.