Brief Historical Sketch               

In response to the need for relevant course offerings, University of Antique offered Bachelor in Business Management in 1984.

It was renamed Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1991 with majors in Management and Entrepreneurship.

In 1993 Management as major was phased out. Entrepreneurship was retained as it is in line with the government’s thrusts and responds to the demands of the community, the province and the region.In 1997 the program was revised to include hands-on experiences in vocational courses.

In June 2001 Marketing was offered as an additional major. In the same year the Distance Learning Center of the College was offered with the BSBA as initial offering.

In June 2002 PSCA Caluya campus was established with BSBA major in Entrepreneurship as one of its course offering. In June 2003, BSBA was changed to College of Business Education, Office Management was offered as an additional major. In 2004, the course BSBA was changed into five courses namely, BS Entrep, BS Mktg, BS OM, BS CM & BS MA.In June 2009 BS Tourism was offered to promote the province as one of the tourist destination

July 2009 the College of Business Education was changed to College of Management.

In March 2010, by the Resolution # 74, Series of 2010 from College of Management was changed to College of Business and Management.


The College of Business and Management as a center of excellence in business and management education.


The College of Business and Management is committed to help promote and accelerate the development of the province and of the region by producing well – trained, well motivated and socially responsible graduates in the field of business who can promote sustainable socio-economic development through competent practice of their Managerial & entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.


The College of Business and Management focuses its effort in attaining the following goals:

  1. To develop entrepreneurial values;
  2. To develop managerial and practical skills of the students to prepare them for entrepreneurial responsibility in the business world;
  3. To serve as center for entrepreneurial training; and
  4. To develop entrepreneurial technology and capability.

Programs Offered: