1. There shall be an MIS Office headed by a Director designated by the President, subject to the confirmation of the Board of Regents;
2. He/she shall be responsible in providing expertise and services on application of ICT in the University;
3. The term of office of the Director for MIS shall be two (2) years, without prejudice to re-designation for another term which shall in no case be more than two (2) years and with compensation equivalent to his/her salary grade. He/she is entitled to Representation and Transportation Allowances and other incentives fixed by existing laws.

The Director for MIS must have the following qualifications:
1. Is at least master’s degree in IT and related fields;
2. Is at least an associate professor;
3. Has at least three (3) years of very satisfactory performance rating;
4. Has at least three (3) years of experience in managing an ICT Center;
5. Preferably has at least a background in project management;
6. Possesses commitment, leadership skills, personal integrity, credibility and emotional stability.

The Director for MIS shall discharge the following duties and responsibilities:
1. Formulate plans and policies for the effective and efficient ICT utilization in the university;
2. Prepare ICT proposals for approval by the top management and scheduled implementation;
3. Organize the unit for the effective implementation of the MIS programs and projects;
4. Coordinate with different colleges/departments/ campuses regarding ICT concerns;
5. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the ICT programs/projects and submit reports to the university president; and
6. Do other related work as may be deemed proper.

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