Procedure on Borrowing & Returning of Books


  • Borrower presents the book/s he wanted to borrow together with his Library card to the Library staff in-charge at the Circulation Desk.
  • Borrower fills up the book card/s.
  • Library staff checks the entries in the book card. UA Main library scans the barcode of the book in the system for check out.
  • Library staff stamps the due date on the Date Due Slip.
  • Library staff tallies the books borrowed in the Daily Statistics of Book Utilization.
  • Library staff files the book card together with the Library card of the borrower.


  • When book is returned, the borrower presents the book/s to be returned at the Circulation Desk.
  • The Library staff verifies the book/s returned and removed the borrower’s Library card and the Book card from the file.
  • The Library staff cancel the borrower’s record on the book card and stamps the book card/s “RETURNED”.
  • The Library staff insert the book card into the book pocket and releases the Library card. In the Main campus, library staff checks in the book/s in the library system. The books are now ready for shelving.

Fines for overdue books:

Php5.00 – for every hour fter 9:00AM for Reserve books

Php50.00 – per day for Circulation books.