Duties and Responsibilities as PESO Manager

1. Ensures prompt, timely, and efficient delivery of employment information and assistance/services to students
2. Undertakes employability enhancement and values or motivational development trainings/seminars/pre-employment counseling to students in coordination with the Deans/Campus Directors as well as integration assistance to UA students who are returning migrant workers;
3. Undertakes PESO activities as defined in R.A 8759 such as Job Fairs, livelihood and self-employment information and referrals ton students wishing to go into entrepreneurial or self-employment activities, special program for the Employment of Students, and many others whenever necessary or applicable to UA students;
4. Coordinates with the Deans and Chairpersons of every college/campus regarding the practicum, apprenticeship or On-Job-Training;
5. Assists the Deans or Chairpersons identify in the orientation of briefing of students before sending them on practicum, apprenticeship or On-job-Training;
6. Assists Deans or Chairpersons identify the possible establishments that may accommodate qualified students for the practicum, apprenticeship or On-Job-Training;
7. Prepares Memoranda of Agreements, Leadership or Apprenticeship contracts and other pertinent documents between the training partners and the university, learners, trainees or apprentices;
8. Monitors and evaluate the acceptability and performance of linkage partners in the delivery of practicum, apprenticeship or on-the-job training to students;
9. Identifies problems encountered by apprentices, trainees or learners on their job as well as the problems met by the training partners on our apprentices, trainees or learners;
10. Attends, academe-industry conferences/meetings as well as meetings with DOLE, PESO or CHED particularly those related to practicum or employment services/evaluation;
11. Submit annual report of the practicum activities to the President and to CHED; and
12. Does such other functions related to employment as may be delegated by the President.

Duties and Responsibilities as Director of Career and Placement Services

1. Prepares a comprehensive student development program focusing on but not limited soft skills development, personality development and leadership;
2. Keep an updated list of job opportunities and prospects, local and abroad;
3. Maintain list of industry partners and updated requirements and competencies required of the Job;
4. Establishes and maintains an office where students can search on-line job opportunities and process their on-line application;
5. Schedules seminar-workshop on application-letter and resume writing and conduct simulated interview;
6. In coordination with the colleges, conducts career guidance to incoming freshmen of the University.