The Career and Placement Services aims to pursue programs that emphasize mastery of soft skills, personality development, and leadership.

  • Keep an updated list of job opportunities and prospects here and abroad.
  • Establish and maintain an office where students can search on-line for job opportunities and process their on-line applications.
  • Schedules seminar-workshops on application letter and resume writing and conduct simulated interviews.
  • Provides incoming freshmen with career related services to assist them in making meaningful career, educational and life choices.

The Primary Goal of this center is to empower students to connect their “UA experience” with their future aspirations. The center will take efforts to help the students identify professionals’ goals, pursue meaningful experiential learning and transition to post-graduation success. The Career and Placement Center will emphasize collaboration with external constituents and in partnership with campus stakeholders.

Together with the Colleges and the Guidance Center, the Career and Placement Services Center and other support units will design activities that will help develop the self-concept and personality of the students, their skills and competencies, creativity, critical thinking and communication prowess which will spell their success in the workplace heavily influenced by technology. Further, it aims that career guidance and job fairs participated industry players will be institutionalized in the University.

CPS Objectives & Services
Organizational Chart
CPS Duties & Responsibilities