Section 1Board of Directors and Executive Officers


            (a) Composition:

                        The Board of Directors shall consist of 15 active members of the association drawn as follows:

                        Fifteen (15) shall be elected from the general membership

                        No person shall be elected as Director unless he is a member of good standing of the association.

            (b) Term of Office:

                       At the first election, fifteen (15) directors shall be elected. The five directors receiving the lowest number of votes shall serve for (1) year, the next five (5) for two (2) years and five (5) for three (3) years. Thereafter five (5) directors shall be elected annually for the term of three (3) years.

                        Directors elected to fill a vacancy in the board shall serve only for unexpired term.


            (c) Disqualification

                         Elective officer/s of the government either local or national except barangay officials are disqualified to be elected for the Board of Directors.

                        Members who have been charged of a crime involving turpitude shall be     disqualified to be Board of Directors.


(d) Executive Officers:

                          The Executive officers shall consist of the President, a Vice President, Executive   Secretary, Asst. Executive Secretary, a Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, an Auditor, a Business    Manager and seven (7) other members of the Board.

                      Except for the Executive and Asst. Secretary all other officer must be member of the Board of Directors.


            (e) Meetings:


                        The Board of Directors meeting shall be held regularly at least once every quarter.             A special meeting can be called by the President or upon the petition of at least six    members of the Board.


            (f) Quorum:

                        At least 8 persons present shall constitute a quorum of the Board of Directors.