Section 1(a) Officers


            The officers of the Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Executive Secretary, Asst. Exec. Secretary, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, Auditor, Business Manager, Press Relations Officer, Peace Courtesy Officer.

Section 1(b) Election and Tenure of Officers


            The election of the Board of Directors shall be held once ayear during the annual association meeting at the University of Antique, Sibalom, Antique. The secret balloting shall be adopted for both general assembly and board elections, every month of May. The officers shall serve for a term of  three years unless removed for a cause upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors.

            The executive officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors from among themselves.

Section 1(c) Filing of Candidacy

            Candidates for membership of the Board of  Directors shall file their candidacy one day before election day and shall continue until 10:00 a.m. during election day. They should be members of good standing in the association. Application forms should be reviewed by the Election Committee.

Section 2Duties of the Officers


            (a) The President shall preside at all meetings, act as ex-oficio member of all committees                and have general supervision over the association. He shall authorize the payment of all        bills as approved by the executive board or general assembly; create all committees and vote in case of tie. He shall introduce new members, file soon after taking office his     program of administration for the advancement of the association wit the program             committee and shall extend to the new incumbent such courtesies as are commensurate with the office. As association president, he shall also serve as a member of  the Board of Trustees of  the  school. He shall serve as consultant to the newly elected President of the association upon expiration of his term, unless reelected.

(b) The Vice President shall preside and perform  if qualified the duties of the President in his absence or incapacity. He shall sit with the President, assist on all official matters and serve as Chairman of the Administrative Committee. He shall coordinate the membership and activities of the association. In the absence of the President and Vice-President will      sit in the Board of Trustees of the University as Alumni Association representative.

(c) The Executive Secretary shall keep the records of the association membership. He shall keep the minutes of every meeting. He shall keep on file all committee reports. He shall provide the President and the Vice-President with a list of the association officers and committees. He shall receive all correspondences and answer the same in the name of the Executive Board at the direction of its members. He shall make arrangements for all meeting and notify members of the date and place of such meeting. He shall also serve as Chairman of the Publicity Committee. He shall furnish the treasurer with copies of all documents pertinent to the association. The Assistant Executive Secretary shall assist the Executive Secretary in the performance of his functions. In case of the absence of the Executive Secretary, the Asst. Executive Secretary shall take over.

(d) The treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of the association. He received all money dues from the members and will duly credit them. He shall deposit all funds in the bank with a pass book to be drawn in the name of the association which shall contain signature of the President and the Treasurer. He shall keep the records of all income and expenditures and accountabilities of the association as authorized by the board. He shall also serve as Chairman of the Welfare Committee. He shall render a financial report to the Board of Directors during the General Assembly. The Asst. Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer in the performance of his functions and shall assure such functions in the absence, incapability, resignation or death of the Treasurer. In the event the Elected Treasurer comes outside the University, The Asst. Treasurer should come from within the college or vice-versa. He shall post a bond in such amount as may be required by the Board of Directors.

(e) The Auditor shall audit all financial transactions such as collections and disbursement of the treasurer and countersign the Treasurer’s report.

(f) The Press Relation Officer shall have the important affairs of the association published or broadcasted as approved by the Board of Directors. He shall assist the President in the preparation of the Annual Report for publication.

(g) The Peace Courtesy Officer shall be responsible in maintaining peace and order during the board meetings, general assembles and other activities of the association.

(h) The Business Manager shall manage and coordinate all transactions and activities of the association. He shall procure the supplies, materials and paraphernalias as are needed for the activities of the association and perform other duties as may be assigned by the Board.