We, the Alumni of the University of Antique, imploring the aid of the Divine Providence and believing in the dignity of man in an enlightened society, based on democratic principles; and subscribing to education, particularly in technological and scientific as a means for individual and social advancement, do ordain and promulgate  this by-laws.


Section 1 – Name of the Association


            The name of the association shall be the University of Antique Siablom Alumni Association Inc. and shall be named as such for all intents and purposes with office at University of Antique, Santiago Lotilla St., Sibalom, Antique. This association is apolitical hence, political affiliation is discouraged.

Section 2 – Official Seal


            The association shall adopt an official seal which shall consist of the torch that radiates light, hands symbolizing oneness and cooperation with encircled pyramid the name of the association around it.

Section 3 – Board of Directors


            This association shall have a controlling council of 15 members of the Board of  Directors otherwise called the ExecutiveBoard, and shall be elected during the general assembly and from which the officials of the association shall be voted upon the board members themselves.

Section 4 – Membership


            There shall be three kinds of members on this association. They are the nominal, regular and life members.


            The nominal members are all alumni of the UA including those who have graduated under the old name of the school, PSCA, ASAT, but have not formally registered and paid their dues required of the members. They are not entitled to a vote and cannot be elected as officer. The regular members shall be those who have paid membership fee of P50.00 and sustaining annual membership fee of P20.00 and shall be considered members of good standing. Life members shall be those who have been  regular members and who have paid the life membership fee P300.00. They shall be entitled to privileges of regular members for life.

Section 5 – Representative Committee


            This association shall have a representative committee to be composed of  the chairmen or president of all chapters affiliated with the main  association. The committee maybe convened by the alumni association’s president  in dealing with major issues affecting the welfare of the members and the interest of the organization.