Instruction to the applicants:
1. Download the Admission Application Form and accomplish the form correctly and completely by supplying the necessary information on the shaded boxes.


2. Print in LONG SIZE bond paper and present to the MIS office the accomplished form in order for you to be officially registered as an applicant, given your official Examinee Number/Admission Number, and have your picture taken as printed in the Admission Form.
3. Proceed to the Guidance Office for your examination schedule. Present your Admission Form so you can be issued your Examination Permit identifying your schedule and room number.
4. Take the examination on the specified date and time. Be sure to follow the proper dress code. Bring along with you your Examination Permit and 2 pieces of pencils (no. 2).
5. Check the examination result on the scheduled date of its publication. Personally present your examination permit at the Guidance Office in order for you to be issued the official result of your entrance examination. Results WILL NOT BE ISSUED to anybody other than the applicant. Verify in which college or course you are qualified to enroll and return on the scheduled date for your enrolment.
6. Report to the college where you want to enroll to verify if you are qualified or not based on you examination result and Senior High School grade point average (GPA). Bringwith you your examination result and HS Card (Form 137). For certain courses, applicants may be further required to undergo, Physical Fitness test, Ishihara test, qualifying examination, and interview.