Criminology department as a provider of skilled, conscientious, disciplined and proactive professionals for law enforcement and criminal justice education.

A department committed to provide quality instruction in the fields of crime detection and prevention, law enforcement and community relations

Goals and Objectives

To equip prospective professionals with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes needed in the effective, efficient and fair administration of justice
To train prospective professionals to become adept in the maintenance of peace and order in the community in which they serve
To foster important value of leadership, responsibility, integrity, honesty in serving their respective communities and the country as a whole
To contribute to the development of the community through researches on various fields of criminology and related areas
To bring the department closer to the communities through researches in various extension and community-related activities
To disseminate information on research and extension output
To establish active partnerships and linkage with the different sectors of the community, LGUs, GOs, NGOs, and other private sector
To produce instructional materials such as books, journals, modules, workbooks and other references
To conduct activities that would augment income of t he college/department in order to facilitate the attainment of the above goals and objectives
Eight years of the College of Arts and Sciences existence will not become completely told if he silent witnesses to its humble beginnings and growth remain unrecognized. For the past years, there have been conscious efforts to publish a school paper to bear witness to the story of how pioneer CAS students’ dreams turned into a reality beyond their expectations. In 2003, the dream was to offer effective, participative learning to all students from all walks of life. Now, eight years later, the reality is that CAS now stands as one of the active colleges in the University of Antique.

Indeed, Marie Dressler was right when she said, “never one thing and seldom one person can make for a success. It takes a number of them merging into one perfect whole.” Indeed if only our school buildings could speak. With in its walls were borne many feats. The formation of students by great minds and serving hearts. Thank God. His guidance and blessings were more than enough for the College of Arts and Sciences- then and now. He gave us the inspiration and strength to persevere, to continue giving an education for life.