Who can nominate?

The following can nominate:

  1. Any of the members of the Search Committee or the search committee as a whole as represented by the Chairman;
  2. Any industry or professional group;
  3. Any UA Alumni Individual or Group;
  4. Any UA Individual Student or Organization; and,
  5. Any member of the Teaching Faculty of UA


  1. Download nomination forms from the following UA websites and pages:

or get a hard copy of the form from the Office of the Board Secretary, 2/F Technology Building, University of Antique-Main Campus, District 1, Sibalom, Antique.

  1. Fill-out and sign the nomination form including the Justification page. The nominee must sign to confirm his/her acceptance of the nomination.  The nominator must see to it that the form is duly signed with the following attachments:
  • A 2X2 recent photo of the nominee;
  • A duly filled-out Resume’s template (can be downloaded with the nomination form) of the Nominee;
  • Certified true copy/ authenticated copy of all supporting documents of the data/information specified in the resume;
  • Sworn Statement by the nominee is not connected with the University of Antique nor any have business relations with the University of Antique.


Nominees shall agree to have their names published in the University of Antique’s website and abovementioned Facebook page for the purpose of obtaining additional information from interested parties as regard to their nomination. In this connection, the nominee shall issue a written authority to publish their names as such nominee for the BOR-PSR, as part of supporting documents.

Submit the Nomination Form and all the attachments (certified photocopies) in a completely sealed, long, brown envelop on August 11, 2020 to the Secretariat of the Search Committee.


Chairperson Search Committee for BOR-PSB University of Antique
Office of the Board Secretary
2/F Technology Building
University of Antique-Main Campus,
District 1, Sibalom, Antique


Note: Please download required template below:

Consent Form

Nomination & Justification Form

Sample Resume