Please read fully the instruction that goes with these images.

The images below give the schedule and procedure for online enrolment in the UA System. To enrol, students will be required to fill-in the google enrolment form on the specified dates. No medical certificates will be required to the old students during enrolment.

For the new students, the following will be required to be uploaded in the google form:

1. For Grade 7 and Grade 11 in the Laboratory High School:
a. Report Card
b. 2 x 2 ID picture

2. First Year College Students:
a. Report Card
b. 2 x 2 ID picture
c. For College of Maritime and BS Criminology, result of Hepa B Test.

C. For transferees:
a. 2×2 ID picture
b. Trancsript or Record or Prospectus and Report of Rating in the absence of the TOR.

All students are required to have an active email address and contact number when they fill-in the google form.

The google form will be uploaded beginning Monday, June 22, for the old or present students of the University.

Welcome mga kasUbAy!