To test the university’s disaster awareness and emergency preparedness level, the University of Antique Civil Security Unit in collaboration with Sibalom MDRRMO, Sibalom BFP and Sibalom PNP, conducted an Earthquake and Fire Mock Drill on November 19.

“We are conducting a semestral  simulation exercise to check if the response procedure pertaining to any disaster is followed,” said Prof. Mark Anthony Odango, Director for Civil Security Services.

The activity was participated by the  students, faculty and staff, and other stakeholders who were in the university when the siren was sounded at 3:00 pm. 

The participants performed the six phases of the mock drill: alarm, response, evacuation, assembly, headcount and evaluation.

“So far, there is an improvement in the conduct of the drill today but there is a need to be more serious in  simulating the exercises so that everybody will be accustomed to the situation,” PSMS Suzette G. Cortejo,   evaluator from Sibalom PNP said.

Dr. Nelly E. Mistio, Campus Director, acted as Incident Commander during the activity.

Photos by: The PRISM