University of Antique (UA) formally received the award as certified International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 during the Victors’ Celebration at the UA Convention Center, Dec. 7.

The heart of ISO is the continual improvement of the university’s services and this certification will truly deliver customer satisfaction.

The University’s quest towards 9001:2015 version was a long journey for it started in the year 2015 with a lot of trainings from Quality Management System (QMS) 101 (Understanding and Appreciating ISO 9001:2008) to QMS 105 (Root Cause Analysis with Effective Corrective Action) 2008 version.

“Our president approved our proposal last February 2015. We started our trainings and preparations way back July 2015 with the help of our consultant,” Dr. Ma. Josephine Mercado, Chief Administrative Officer, said in her speech.

The main plan was only to certify the general administration and support services but because of the advice of the University’s consultant, the whole university was subjected to certification.

“Our consultant, advised us that the whole university including the academics, and the instructions as well as the external campuses will be given much attention,” Dr. Mercado added.

The 2015 version changed the term management to leadership, and leadership is actually a commitment not only by the president but also by every leaders of the university.

“Our first ever customers are our students and we should give them the seal of quality. University of Antique equals quality, a quality with excellent services. Tatak quality na po ang UA,” Dr. Benito C. Castillo, Jr., BCJA Training and Travel Consultant, said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Victor Navarra expressed his gratitude to the people who were a part of the university’s success and he further explained the importance of ISO certification.

“Through ISO, our works become clearer, safer and more organized,” Dr. Navarra said.

He, in his speech, added that our ISO was more of management.

Mr. Rannie L. Bernardino, NQA-Philippines, Inc., gave the said award to the UA family. /Pablo, C., Jauod, M.K.G.