College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) students, student organizations- the MassCom Society, the Catalyst, the Criminalistic Students Guild, Provincial, FLP officers and faculty and staff joined the LGU-Sibalom’s 16th Municipal Tree Planting and Plant a Tree Project at Lacaron Integrated School, Lacaron, Sibalom, Antique.

They were among the 800 participants in the activity. Each was given a number corresponding to the area where the seedlings were to be planted. The students of Lacaron Integrated School assisted them in planting the seedlings around the school site.

“We are so happy that in such a way we have done our duty to help our mother nature in its fight against El Ni­ño”, said Oteda, Governor of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The objective of the program is to combat and mitigate climate change, to encourage public-private partnership from among all concerned agencies, institution and local stakeholders in the implementation of the project and to plant and grow one million trees by 2018 within the declared municipal tree park, green belt and other public areas.

The event was spearheaded by the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources (MENRO) and Association of Municipal Employees of Sibalom Antique (AMESA).