Mr. Metodio Maraguinot Jr. delivers his speech.

Mr. Metodio Maraguinot Jr.  was the keynote speaker on February 29 at UA gymnasium during the opening program of the 8th Regional Work Conference of the FLP and Regional AREPADA, Inc. Assembly. Mr. Maraguinot is currently the Founding President and Executive Director of YouthLead Philippines, Inc. His speech began with an energizer and he was co-facilitated by Mr. Irish Bon Magsipoc, Regional Future Leaders of the Philippines (FLP) President. In his speech, addressing it to the future leaders, he said, “You cannot create a great country without creating a good community. It is the same with; you cannot create a great world without creating good countries. ”He also added that, when it comes to excellence, you simply have to find your edge. He ended his speech with the acronym HEART which stands for: humility, excellence, attitude, responsibility, and transformation.